Our Story


We, like most businesses have humble beginnings and we understand that all big things must start off small. Our intentions are to develop and support our solutions in an environment where ideas and concepts can naturally grow. We didn't want to just write a stock and point of sale (POS) software, we wanted to offer a proud, holistic business solution and knew that building sustainable relationships with our customers would cement our place in the market.

Ultimate Retail Solutions (URS) was established in 2004 and quickly grew with its popular point of sale software, Store Master which offers deep functionality in both large and small installations catering for many different retail sectors. We also offer supported services such as business reporting and integrations, giving you a holistic approach to running your business.

We at Ultimate Retail Solutions, deliver solutions that empower our customers to grow and succeed.

We believe in real, straight forward, effective solutions. We understand that our clients are looking for products and services that are developed and supported with them in mind, so we strive to supply a complete solution in a world which is ever changing and constantly embrace new technologies to do so. Our POS software can help boost your store revenue by offering you powerful analytics and reports, giving you deep insight into your business. This empowers you to make smarter, more informed decisions and saves you time so that you can focus your energy on your passion; your business and happy customers.

Trusted by businesses - big and small